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February 2013 Archives

New Mexico medical center faces medical malpractice suit

When a patient is brought to a hospital, there is an inherent trust that the staff of the hospital will know how to treat his or her condition. However, cases of hospital negligence do unfortunately occur and can adversely affect the physical condition of a patient. In some cases, this can lead to permanent injuries and even permanent disability.

New Mexico doctor exonerated in malpractice case

A medical error, such as a failure to diagnose or a mistake with medication, may result in a malpractice claim. Cases involving doctor negligence in New Mexico may be decided by the state medical board. The following case involves the controversial issue of late-term abortion.

Catholic hospital reevaluates stance in wrongful death case

Family members who have lost a loved one due to a medical mistake may be entitled to compensation. However, a wrongful death claim is often difficult to pursue since family members often wish to concentrate on the grieving process. Albuquerque readers will be interested in reading about the following medical malpractice case that has national significance.

Analysis reveals minimal consequences for many negligent doctors

Most people visit medical practitioners to find solutions for health issues or to manage ongoing conditions. While most clinicians are trustworthy and provide their patients with excellent service, negligent doctors can make devastating mistakes, some of which may have long-lasting or fatal results.