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September 2012 Archives

Santa Fe hospital to pay $2 million for doctor's negligence

Botched medical procedures cause obvious damage to the victim's body; however, many people don't realize the damage that is also inflicted upon the victim's social life, loved ones and working life. Juries must consider these things when awarding a verdict in any malpractice case stemming from doctor negligence.

Medical malpractice case turns criminal

New Mexico residents have often turned to the civil courts for help when medical care goes awry due to negligence. However, serious cases of doctor negligence are increasingly being tried in the criminal court system, and a guilty verdict may assist in any corresponding medical malpractice case.

Santa Fe hospital charged with malpractice

Patients place their lives in the hands of doctors and trust them to administer medications and perform surgeries. When a medical professional fails to exercise due care or makes doctor errors during surgical procedures, it can dramatically affect the quality of life for a patient. Multiple surgeries may be required to fix the damage inflicted, if the patient survives at all.

Family awarded $7.8 million for hospital negligence

Hospitals in New Mexico and throughout the country are supposed to be safe places where people can get medical treatment without having to worry about suffering additional injuries. And that is the case for the vast majority of medical facilities. The healthcare staff has the proper training, and they do everything they can to help patients.