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May 2014 Archives

Study finds prescription mistakes cause many to suffer

According to some new research, roughly 20 percent of Medicare patients suffer medical injuries that have nothing to do with their actual medical condition. The study found that many cases where these Medicare patients were affected involved wrong prescriptions, allergic reactions to medications, or complications caused by treatment for an existing condition. It all amounts to a serious problem that many doctors and medical clinics aren't grasping right now.

Woman injured after forced C-section that she didn't want

Let's say you are giving birth, or you are present when your significant other is giving birth. As the two of you struggle through labor -- though to be fair, one person is dealing with a whole lot more than the other -- the doctors eventually reach a point where they believe that a C-section is the best course of action to ensure a healthy birth. However, this is just a recommendation. You decide against the C-section because you want to have a natural birth.

Preeclampsia: learn about the dangerous postpartum condition

The birth of a child is supposed to be the happiest moment of the family's life, with the parents and their newborn baby leaving the hospital in good health. However, that isn't the happy ending that every birth gets. In fact, birth injuries and pregnancy complications can turn this happy moment into an absolute nightmare -- and sometimes, the doctors or hospital are to blame for these terrible medical complications.

Astounding result in horrible surgical error case

What if a terrible surgical error changed your life in almost every conceivable way? What if a surgeon's mistake caused you to lose limbs, and lose certain senses, and to endure serious medical conditions that were literally heart-stopping?

Study finds sepsis is a booming medical threat

The term "sepsis" is pretty common in the medical field, and many people all across New Mexico have probably heard of it. But they may not know what it means. Sepsis is, quite simply, an infection of the bloodstream. When your blood becomes infected, a host of medical complications can occur and it can result in a patient losing his or her life. Sepsis can be treated, but it appears that doctors in the U.S. are increasingly struggling to deal with the medical condition.

Prescription drug-related suicide not faulted on doctor

In 2010, a golfer on the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour committed suicide. She was 25 years old. The story rocked the tour and it left many people wondering why the golfer did it. Part of the reason may have been the medications she was taking and the negligent care she received from a doctor. The woman's family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor, who prescribed the woman numerous pills, including an anti-anxiety drug.

Confirm that your medical mistake qualifies as malpractice

One of the issues that someone needs to figure out when they have been traumatized by a medical error is their own anger about the situation. That is far more difficult than it sounds. Medical errors can ruin a person's life, and since they presumably occur at the hands of a highly-trained and skilled professional, it becomes all the more difficult to deal with. You'll be angry, and you'll want to take action as quickly as possible.

Error reporting in the medical field needs to be improved

Imagine that you go to see your doctor, and he makes a mistake. It may not even be a very serious mistake -- but it is a mistake nonetheless. However, you aren't informed about the mistake, and your doctor doesn't really report it to anyone. The mistake is simply made and you go on your way thinking that you have receiving the appropriate care that you deserve.

Surgeon gives patient vasectomy instead of minor procedure

While the following story didn't occur here in Albuquerque, or New Mexico, or even the United States, it will still resonate with people here because of the incredible medical circumstances involved. A man in England was given a vasectomy when he was supposed to receive a simple urological procedure. Vasectomies can be reversed, but it is not a guarantee that it will work. This means the man may not be able to have children because of a "never event" -- something that is never supposed to happen in a medical setting.

One state's highest court strikes down certain med-mal caps

New Mexico is one of 35 states that have enacted what are commonly called medical malpractice caps. These are laws that put an upper limit on the amount of money that juries can award to plaintiffs who win their medical malpractice lawsuits. Usually, the caps apply to non-economic damages only and do not limit things like reimbursement for medical expenses.

$4.5M settlement reached in case accusing doctors of failing to take action

When an accident that results in an individual suffering painful and serious injuries occurs, it's important to seek medical attention. This is exactly what a 62-year old woman did after she fell some 6 ft. from a ladder. While examining and assessing the woman, a medical scan revealed one of her ribs cracked from the impact of her fall.