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March 2013 Archives

Psychiatric hospital admits to sending patient on 15-hour bus trip

When New Mexico patients are admitted to a psychiatric hospital, they expect to be treated for their illness and kept out of harm's way. However, in cases of hospital negligence, patients are sometimes involuntarily placed in dangerous situations.

Doctor operates on 4-year-old's wrong eye

People who undergo an operation are literally putting their lives in the hands of a surgeon. It can be particularly difficult for parents to trust surgeons to perform operations on their child while they can only sit in the hospital waiting room. Although they are rare in New Mexico, doctor errors can cause long-term damage or even death.

Doctors misdiagnose common regional illness

Valley fever is a fungal infection that affects several residents of southwestern states, including New Mexico, each year. If mistreated or left untreated, valley fever can be deadly. Because many doctors aren't trained in this region of the United States, they could fail to recognize valley fever, leading to the death of a loved one due to medical malpractice.

A missed diagnois can cause considerable harm

It is important to get proper and correct medical care because improper treatment or diagnosis can have major repercussions. A failure to diagnose a disease correctly can worsen a patient's condition or illness and create long-lasting health effects.