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Remember that a birth plan is a wish list

Your baby's birth should be a joyful experience. One way that you can make your wishes for this time known is to fill out a birth plan and have with you when you go to the hospital. There are many things to include in this plan, but you must remember that this is just a list of guidelines and suggestions. You shouldn't think of your birth plan as something that is set in stone.

Medications must be administered properly

People who take medications have to ensure that they are getting the correct ones. This is especially important if you are in the hospital or must depend on another person to bring you're the medicines you take on a regular basis. One thing that you have to remember is that you do have the right to know exactly what you are being given. You should examine your pills to be sure that they are the ones you usually take.

Falls in hospitals are classified as 'never events'

Patients who are in the hospital need to receive care that is tailored to their needs. For some, this involves being placed under fall precautions because it isn't safe for them to get up and move about without help. It is imperative that these individuals have fast responses to calls for help so they don't try to get up without assistance.

Infections must be addressed quickly to avoid grave harm

Having an infection can cause a lot of problems in your body. The severity and type of infection can play a direct role in how you can recover from it. There are many times that infections are mild and will go away with only simple treatments. In other cases, the infection might be left unaddressed or it may be resistant to antibiotics, which means that the patient might suffer grave harm.

New Mexico nurses should practice the five Rs

When you entrust your health or post-operative recovery care to a medical team, you likely encounter numerous nurses, each working different shifts. New Mexico nurses are vital components of high-quality care in a hospital setting or doctor's office. At some point, a nurse may administer medication to you. What type, how much and why are factors that vary according to circumstances and your doctor's prescription.

Cerebral hypoxia is always a medical emergency

Patients in hospitals sometimes have challenges that reduce the amount of oxygen they are getting. When the oxygen saturation in the blood is too low, they must be addressed immediately. This is considered an emergency because lack of oxygen can impact vital organs in the body. One that is particularly sensitive to a decrease in oxygen is the brain.

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