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August 2013 Archives

Mother alleges pharmaceutical error to blame for 6-year-old's death

When people pick up prescription drugs at their local pharmacy, they generally trust that the pharmacist behind the counter has given them the correct dosage. Because most people in New Mexico have little pharmaceutical training, it’s often difficult for them to identify these types of errors until it’s too late.

Hospital practices threaten safety of patients

The majority of medical professionals in New Mexico work diligently every day to provide the best possible care for their patients. Unfortunately, not every hospital provides the kind of care that their patients expect and deserve.

Parents of handicapped child faced with $340,000 legal bill

Most New Mexicans would agree that the birth of their child is among the most wonderful moments of their lives. Fortunately, the majority of babies in this country are born without any complications. However, even when experienced doctors are in the delivery room, some types of birth injuries cannot be avoided. 

State may vote to increase cap on medical malpractice compensation

New Mexico doctors who prescribe drugs must be aware that after taking the drugs, the patient could become dangerous to others, and the error may prove deadly. When medical negligence causes the loss of a loved one, the victim’s family members are devastated. Thankfully, these families often receive compensation for their pain and suffering.

Medical equipment responsible for 25 percent of surgical errors

When New Mexico patients undergo an operation, they’re taking on substantial risks. Although the majority of doctors are competent, doctor errors can occur, especially during complex operations. Thankfully, researchers work to bring problems related to medical errors to light.