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August 2014 Archives

Research reveals malpractice causes huge payouts

New Mexico residents may have read the National Association for Healthcare Quality statement about how many malpractice awards can be prevented. On Aug. 25, the NAHQ said having targeted health care provider organization interventions can reduce patient safety risks and diagnosis errors.

Medical mistake caused teen's overdose death

A New Mexico teen's overdose death was a medical mistake, according to the Office of the Medical Investigator. The alleged medical negligence death occurred hours after the 17-year-old girl was released from a juvenile detention center and transferred back to the hospital. The girl was reportedly moved to the Youth Development Center in Santa Fe less than two hours after being treated for a heroin overdose.

Why do medical practitioners offer to settle a lawsuit?

New Mexico medical practitioners will sometimes opt to settle a medical malpractice lawsuit outside of the courtroom. When making the decision whether or not to accept the settlement offer, injured patients might want to gain a better understanding of why a doctor or hospital would choose to settle a medical malpractice case.

What is hospital negligence?

Hospitals in New Mexico can be held liable for a patient's injuries or death if negligence at the facility is found to have been the cause of the damage. Because almost everyone has to go to the hospital at one point or another in their lives, it may be important to understand what hospital negligence is ahead of time.

Understanding New Mexico medical error and incident reporting

New Mexico residents may be interested in some information on the state of patient incident reporting in the state. Some believe that these requirements are inadequate and represent the lack of an overall policy goal for patient safety. The New Mexico Administrative Code requires that several types of medical facilities report certain types of incidents, including outbreaks of contagious diseases, environmental incidents and patient abuse. However, the specific incidents that must be reported are not consistent across the three types of facilities required to report them. The facilities covered under this law include outpatient facilities, facilities for the mentally disabled and adult care facilities.

Doctors can be held liable for injuries caused by misdiagnosis

Although many lives in New Mexico are saved by medical treatment, there are also plenty of times when a doctor's mistakes have resulted in a patient's worsened condition. One of the most common ways that a patient can be harmed by a negligent doctor is through misdiagnosis. A misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis could potentially cause injuries to a patient either because a disease was allowed to progress further or because the patient was given the wrong medication.

Hospital errors no longer disclosed to the public

It may be of interest to New Mexico residents to learn about recent reports regarding hospital errors. Hospitals along with attending medical professionals possess a certain responsibility and are typically expected to avoid surgical mistakes such as administering the wrong blood type, oversedation or foreign objects left inside the patient.

New Mexico jury awards injured patient $1.25 million

A 51-year-old man was awarded $1.25 million by a jury in Santa Fe in case involving a misdiagnosed heart condition. The man alleged that he was misdiagnosed in 2009 by New Mexico Heart Institute when they did not catch a heart defect during a scan. A doctor in California later discovered the defect after the man sought a second opinion.

Addressing medical errors and complications

While patient safety is an important concern to New Mexico residents, national statistics indicate that the progress in reducing medical errors over the last 10 years has been limited. More obvious errors include surgery on wrong body part cases, issues for which specific protocols have been developed to reduce occurrences. However, many perceived complications can actually be medical errors as well. An adverse incident that could have been prevented is considered an error rather than a complication.

Questions to ask when visiting the doctor

New Mexico residents who are planning to see a doctor soon may want to consider asking their physician a few questions in order to ensure that they are getting the best treatment possible. Patients may be unaware that they can advocate for their own care, and asking the right questions and honestly answering a doctor's enquiries could prevent medical errors that may potentially be life-threatening.

Cerebral hypoxia may require immediate treatment

As some New Mexico residents may know, lack of oxygen to a baby's brain may cause lifelong disability if the condition is not treated adequately and promptly. Medical professionals who deviate from the recognized standard of care in such cases may be liable for the problems the newborn might face for the rest of his or her life.

New Mexico VA sued for lack of emergency care

The Albuquerque Veterans Affairs hospital faces a lawsuit after a Vietnam veteran collapsed and died in the hospital cafeteria in June. The man's family is suing the Department of Veterans Affairs and the facility for negligence and medical malpractice since the staff could not move the veteran to the nearby Emergency Room. The family's lawyer filed a federal tort claim on July 30.

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