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June 2013 Archives

Victim of alleged doctor error gets retrial

When patients in New Mexico suffer injuries or even death as a result of medical errors, it can be devastating for the victims as well as their families, especially when the victim is an infant. If the victim is too young to hold the negligent doctor and hospital responsible for the damage they caused, the patient's parents often step in and file a lawsuit.

Woman's life at risk after medical device left in body

Advances in medical technology enable doctors to treat patients with more accuracy and fewer unpleasant intrusions. Because many medical devices are designed to be minimally invasive, they’re usually miniscule. For this reason, doctors in New Mexico may be more likely to leave some of these tiny objects in patients’ bodies. Unfortunately, these types of doctor errors can be deadly.

County jail medical care provider sued for wrongful death

In New Mexico, people who are in jail or prison and entitled to proper health care. Some facilities, however, may fail to follow protocol with their inmates. When this happens, serious illness or death may occur.