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July 2013 Archives

After 7 months of chemotherapy, woman learns she never had cancer

Patients in New Mexico rely on doctors to alert them of any possible illnesses so that the patient can be treated immediately. Although patients can suffer when doctors fail to diagnose cancer and other serious conditions, it can be just as harmful for doctors to diagnose illnesses that patients don’t have. For this reason, it is important for negligent doctors to be held accountable for the distress they cause.

After mistakenly declaring patient dead, hospital pays $22,000 fine

When it comes to matters of life and death, it is important for New Mexicans to trust the medical experts. However, doctors and hospital staff members sometimes make mistakes that could potentially end a patient’s life. Thankfully, some victims of doctor negligence survive with little or no injury.

Patients can take steps to reduce misdiagnosis

Doctors in New Mexico save lives every day, but they also make mistakes that can prove fatal or severely debilitating. Fortunately, new research findings have identified the most common types of doctor errors and how some of them can be prevented.

Mishandled cesarean section leaves boy with severe brain injury

Before doctors in New Mexico were able to perform cesarean sections, infants and mothers were less likely to survive childbirth. However, there are several risks associated with cesarean sections, especially when doctors perform them in an emergency. For this reason, doctors that perform cesarean sections may be more likely to face lawsuits for injuries during the delivery process.