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February 2015 Archives

Advocating for Arizona victims of prescription drug errors

Many Arizona residents fall victim to prescription errors each year. You may have visited a clinic or emergency room with the expectation that doctors, nurses and other staff will pay careful attention to your prescription needs only to suffer serious side effects after being given the wrong medication, the wrong dose or a drug that you were allergic to.

Medical malpractice verdict against concierge medicine practice

Some New Mexico residents may be familiar with concierge medicine practices. These organizations contract doctors to provide care. Under the scheme, the doctors pay a fee per patient for advertising, marketing and other services, and patients pay a membership fee that allows them a number of benefits and access to what the companies say is superior medical care, including same-day appointments.

Filing a wrongful death claim when a mother dies

While advances in modern medicine have made it much safer for New Mexico mothers to give birth to their children, there are rare instances where some do not survive the pregnancy or birth. While some of these deaths were caused by natural ailments, other deaths are caused by doctor or hospital misconduct. If it can be proven that the death was caused by such misconduct, the deceased mother's family may have the ability to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Anesthesia complications in New Mexico

General anesthesia is an important component to many surgical procedures, because it allows the patient to remain unconscious and pain-free during surgery. It is usually administered by an anesthesiologist, who is a physician whose practice is devoted to anesthesia and pain control. Certified registered nurse anesthetists- registered nurses with advanced training- can also administer anesthesia. General anesthesia is generally safe, and its complications usually coincide with patients' pre-existing health conditions.

Tracking deaths due to hospital error

While keeping track of how many people die due to hospital or doctor errors in New Mexico and around the country is important, no one is quite sure what the correct number is. A 1999 study from the Institute of Medicine suggested that 98,000 people each year died due to errors that occurred in a hospital setting. Although most doctors accept this number, further studies indicate that the number may actually be higher.

The risks and advantages of vacuums and forceps

Parents in New Mexico may be concerned about the risks to infants who are delivered with the use of either vacuums or forceps. Both instruments pose a risk of birth injury to both mothers and infants. Following is a brief discussion of the risks and advantages of both instruments.

Reduce risk of errors in medications

Medication mistakes can happen at any stage of the health care process. New Mexico physicians might prescribe too much of a medication. Nurses in hospitals or long-term care facilities might give a patient the wrong drug or an incorrect dosage. Pharmacists sometimes dispense the wrong drugs, and patients might take too much of a drug. Regardless of which stage the error occurs during, there can be very serious consequences. It is important for everyone, from the prescribing physician to the patient, to be informed about the drug in consideration and the possible interactions with other medications the patient takes.

New Mexico patients may face misdiagnosis

Healthcare providers have an obligation to patients to deliver quality care in regards to disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. When symptoms present themselves and the doctor fails to recognize the seriousness of the condition, a misdiagnosis could occur that might lead to a worsened health condition or even death. In 2000, doctors were generally confident that measles, for example, was no longer problematic for the U.S. Unfortunately, an important factor not realistically considered in this belief was the number of people who travel in and out of the country who may be infected with the disease. This puts unvaccinated individuals at risk.

How the standard of care affects medical malpractice claims

Doctors in New Mexico are expected to provide their patients with the appropriate standard of care. A standard of care is the general level of care that patients expect to receive from members of the medical community. In the past, standards of care varied greatly from region to region. Today, however, national board exams and board certifications have resulted in a more uniform standard of care.

Daughter of deceased comedienne files medical malpractice suit

New Mexico comedy fans may be interested to learn that Melissa Rivers, daughter of deceased comedienne Joan Rivers, filed a lawsuit on Jan. 26 against the clinic that was accused of causing the comedienne's death. Rivers, aged 81, died Sept. 4 after going to an outpatient clinic to have a throat procedure performed.

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