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April 2017 Archives

Albuquerque dentist is sued for rendering unnecessary treatment

The New Mexico Dental Board recently fined an Albuquerque area dentist $10,000 for records mishandling and legal fees associated with him having performed a number of nonessential dental procedures and then billing patients overpriced fees for them. The dentist is even believed to have gone as far as to alter X-rays in an effort to justify his performance of the unnecessary dental work over the course of as much as 10 years.

What H.R. 1215 would really mean for malpractice victims

Even the simplest surgical procedures are often intimidating. However, the doctor likely reassured you that surgery was your best option -- or even, perhaps your only option -- and that your health and well-being would improve. When you trusted your health care professional and decided to undergo surgery, you expected to feel better as you recover from your procedure, and not worse.

Retained surgical items can lead to serious problems for patients

People who have surgery don't expect that their health will worsen after the surgery. For patients who have items left behind in the surgical area might have significant health issues. Typically, items left behind require the patient to undergo another surgery to remove the items. As you can imagine, these patients suffer. The suffering is financial, physical and mental.