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January 2017 Archives

You should expect a proper diagnosis, act if that doesn't happen

All patients deserve to be cared for in an equal manner. Last week, we discussed how obese patients are sometimes treated differently and receive a lower quality of health care simply because of their weight. This is unacceptable, no matter how you look at it.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Prevention is More Powerful than Treatment

Researchers have determined that working to prevent traumatic brain injuries from occurring may be a better use of resources than attempting to treat them. Although treatments are available for patients with TBI, these treatments rarely result in a full recovery. As a result, researchers strongly encourage a focus on prevention.

Obese patients might not get adequate medical care

Imagine having a serious medical ailment and going to see the doctor only to be told that you just need to lose weight. This is what many obese patients in this country hear when they seek medical care for anything from painful joint conditions to shortness of breath. These patients are in essence playing Russian roulette with their health because doctors can't seem to make it past the person's weight.

Albuquerque hospital sees rating drop to lowest possible

People who have been discharged honorably from the military sometimes have to rely on medical care from the Veterans' Administration. Unfortunately, veterans in New Mexico might be receiving substandard care if they are going to the VA Hospital here. The hospital in Albuquerque slipped recently from a two-star rating to a one-star rating, which is the lowest possible.