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September 2013 Archives

Malpractice payouts reach 12-year high for veterans

New Mexico residents have the right to trust in the care of their doctors and for veterans of the U.S. military living in New Mexico, the same rights exist. Serving in the armed forces is a huge commitment to the nation and to a career and the ability to receive proper medical care as a veteran is something that should not be questioned.

New Mexico medical malpractice award cap expanded

The New Mexico legal system provides options for patients who have been victims of medical errors. From lack of informed consent to misdiagnosis and beyond, doctor errors do sadly occur at times. While certainly preventing such problems is the number one priority, ensuring that injured victims or their families have recourse when needed is also of importance to New Mexico residents.

Pros and cons of big medical malpractice awards

Nobody wants to think of being the victim of a medical error, a missed diagnosis, a wrong diagnosis or more. But, sadly, it does happen. All around the country and including in New Mexico, doctor errors happen on an all-too often basis. Sometimes, patients may not even be aware of it. Other times, a statute of limitations prevents action from being taken. Some people believe that medical malpractice lawsuits are out of control, others believe they are essential ways of providing justice and, hopefully, creating safer healthcare.

Woman's children file lawsuit against hospital for her death

Santa Fe residents trust their health and their lives to area medical professionals every day. In most instances, that trust is warranted and respected and proper care is provided. Unfortunately, there are some times when patients do not receive the best care or are the victims of outright mistakes. Whether due to hospital negligence, misdiagnosis, an emergency room error or something else, a patient injury can result all too easily.