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March 2017 Archives

Medication errors can occur in various ways

Medication errors are issues that can seriously harm patients. For this reason, medical personnel who handle medications and administer it to patients must ensure that they are doing things properly so that they don't harm patients. There are some medication errors that occur more than others, so patients and medical staff members should know about these so that they can avoid them.

Claims for compensation for a birth injury can't be delayed

Birth injuries are harrowing for the parents who have to deal with the knowledge that their perfect baby was harmed by a doctor. These parents might choose to seek compensation for the birth injury in an effort to get the doctor to cover the damages the family has to deal with.

The Dangers of Unnecessary Cardiac Stents

Cardiac disease is dangerous and life-threatening. Therefore, it's understandable that when a physician suggests surgical intervention to treat a heart problem, you and your loved ones take the recommendation under serious advisement.

What should I know about a birth injury compensation claim?

Having a baby who is injured at birth is an experience that any expectant mother dreads. These injuries might be minor, however, they can also be very serious. When the child's future is impacted by the birth injury, the parents might opt to seek compensation. Consider these points if you have a child who suffered an injury at birth.

You can seek compensation for hospital negligence injuries

We recently discussed how medical malpractice lawsuits can vary from one case to another. One type of case that comes up with medical malpractice issues is hospital negligence. This is an extremely serious type of malpractice because very sick people who need inpatient care are the ones who are affected.

Medical malpractice lawsuits vary greatly

Medical malpractice lawsuits are based on the specifics of what happened to you. There are different types of medical malpractice cases that you might consider if you are injured by a medical professional. The effects of the situation are often dire. Patients can suffer considerably when they don't get the care they deserve.