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August 2012 Archives

Lawsuit filed over fatal failure to diagnose

New Mexico residents know that doctors are as human as anyone else, and they make mistakes, just like everyone else. However, when a doctor errs, the consequences can be severe, causing serious injury or even death. One family has hired legal counsel and is currently suing three doctors over what the family says was medical malpractice that led to the wrongful death of their loved one.

Burnout plagues physicians, says Mayo Clinic study

Almost everybody knows what it feels like to be burnt out of their job. Maybe you're in sales and the stress of meeting quotas has become too much. Or perhaps doing the same thing every day has become so mundane that you no longer get satisfaction out of it. Some of us accept it and others find other work, but in the end, our burnout doesn't do harm to people. But what about what it happens to doctors?

After malpractice exposé, New Mexico seeks new credential process

Undergoing major surgery is often a stressful experience. However, as patients, we trust that our doctors have the skills necessary to perform a successful operation. Yet, in light of recent news, it may be harder for New Mexico residents to trust their surgeons.

Man's gender identity leads doctor to withhold cancer diagnosis

Finding a suspicious lump on your body is a scary experience for anybody. When New Mexico residents visit their doctor to determine whether or not the lump is benign, they have a right to expect a prompt, honest opinion from their medical professional.

New Mexico hospital settles $33 million in malpractice claims

About 80 medical malpractice claims filed against doctors at a New Mexico hospital were recently settled, with compensation for injured patients totaling over $33 million. Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamagordo had filed for bankruptcy because of the claims, and according to the settlement, the hospital will now come out of bankruptcy protection.