Mother alleges hospital caused child’s physical, mental delays

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As parents in New Mexico likely already know, mistakes in hospitals can account for a number of injuries and illnesses. One Texas woman is blaming hospital negligence for problems her now 4-year-old daughter is experiencing and has filed legal action against that hospital.

The alleged incident occurred at a Port Arthur hospital in August 2010, when the child and her twin brother were born 10 weeks early. The mother of the children says that a registered nurse at the hospital allegedly dropped the female child during her NICU stay, and the girl suffered a fractured skull. As a result of that head injury, the mother further claims that the girl now suffers from developmental delays and hyperactivity. The child’s grandmother says that the differences between the girl and her twin brother are noticeable and include the fact that the girl does not speak and still wears diapers.

Entities named in the lawsuit include the hospital, Christus St. Mary in Port Arthur, as well as the nurse and her supervisor. An attorney for the family says that the suit is seeking approximately $2.8 million in damages to offset costs of expected future medical expenses. The hospital has declined comment on the lawsuit, but documents filed in court show that the mother of the children tested positive for illegal drugs when she was admitted to the hospital in labor.

Childbirth is a complicated process on its own, and errors by hospital staff members can cause problems for children, potentially lasting a lifetime. When a child is injured by a hospital employee, his or her parents may feel as though they are entitled to monetary rewards to help offset further medical costs and procedures. Anyone in this situation may wish to contact an attorney for answers regarding questions of medical negligence or malpractice.

Source: Beaumont Enterprise, “Family of child allegedly dropped after birth files lawsuit vs. hospital“, Manuella Libardi, September 26, 2014


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