Obtaining an earlier PCOS diagnosis

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2016 | Failure To Diagnose

New Mexico parents may be interested to learn that researchers discovered that those who have increased levels of irisin, a hormone that helps regulate energy metabolism, may have polycystic ovary syndrome. This syndrome, known as PCOS, is often diagnosed in teens who suffer from infrequent or missed menstruation.

It is hoped that the high levels of irisin could lead to better diagnostic tools. Normally, doctors are very cautious about diagnosing the endocrine disorder in young women as it could cause them to undergo unnecessary treatment. Additionally, it is hoped that the high levels of irisin could become a drug target for PCOS treatment.

Although the cause of PCOS is not known, being able to diagnose the disorder earlier may give patients a chance to better manage their condition. Teenagers who are diagnosed with PCOS at a young age may be able to make the lifestyle changes that can help them deal with the psychological and physical symptoms that the disorder causes. In some cases, it could help them prevent further complications that often accompany it, such as fertility problems and future type-2 diabetes.

People who are given a delayed diagnosis on a condition that they may have had for years often may have suffered from unnecessary complications or treatment. If a diagnostic error occurred and this resulted in harm to the patient, it may be advisable to meet with an attorney to see if the filing of a medical malpractice lawsuit would be an appropriate way to seek compensation for the additional medical expenses and other losses that have been incurred.


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