Albuquerque dentist is sued for rendering unnecessary treatment

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The New Mexico Dental Board recently fined an Albuquerque area dentist $10,000 for records mishandling and legal fees associated with him having performed a number of nonessential dental procedures and then billing patients overpriced fees for them. The dentist is even believed to have gone as far as to alter X-rays in an effort to justify his performance of the unnecessary dental work over the course of as much as 10 years.

Two of the dentist’s former patients are currently suing the still-licensed medical provider, alleging both malpractice and overbilling. As for one of the dentist’s former patients, in her lawsuit, she maintains that during the time frame between December of 2010 and July of 2011, she endured enormously painful bi-weekly appointments at her dentist’s office.

During those visits that she would not only receive countless shots, but have her teeth drilled as well. As a result, the woman missed numerous days at work. It’s during one of those periods in time that she went to see another dentist who informed her that she had an abscess, an infection that could easily cause brain damage if not also her death.

As for the other patient who filed a lawsuit against the dentist, she claims that after visiting the dentist three times, she was left with facial numbness. Despite being made aware of the injuries the woman suffered, he continues sending her bills demanding payment for her treatment.

Despite there having been countless complaints waged against him since 2006, the dental board has not made any attempts to either suspend or revoke his license. The dentist remains licensed to practice dentistry in the sate and has denied all allegations waged against him.

Whether it’s out of sheer negligence or that the dentist is ill-equipped to render appropriate dental care to his patients, the Albuquerque dentist’s alleged actions are seen as being responsible for having caused his patients significant pain and permanent injury.

While filing a lawsuit against the dentist for malpractice won’t take away the pain they endured, in working with a medical malpractice attorney, they will hopefully be able to recover some of the medical expenses and lost wages they incurred as a result of their experience in dealing with him.

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