Know where to turn for compensation after a birth injury

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2017 | Birth Injuries

Bringing home a precious bundle of joy is something that parents expect when they go to the hospital for a labor and delivery of a baby. Some parents who go into the hospital don’t get the elated feeling when they are in the hospital because they are suddenly thrust into the horrors of a birth injury.

While it is possible for a birth injury to happen despite having appropriate medical care, there are other cases that involve medical errors that cause the injury. In these cases, the parents might choose to seek compensation for the damages the child or the mother suffered because of the birth injury.

We understand that you have some questions about what you can do to get compensation for the damages. This can include trying to get money to cover the medical bills that you have already incurred or will incur because of the injury. It also includes time you have to take off of work to care for the child, as well as other financial effects you are having to deal with because of the injury.

Filing a lawsuit is one way that you can do this. In the case of a birth injury, we have to look into the circumstances to determine who to hold liable. The hospital or birth center might be a party we can name. We might also be able to name individual employees, such as nurses or doctors. In some cases, we can also name equipment manufacturers, which would be possible if a malfunctioning piece of equipment led to the injury.

You should find out the options that you have before you take action; however, you can’t wait too long. New Mexico law has a statute of limitations that sets time limits for filing these claims.


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