Proper monitoring is vital after surgery to prevent patient harm

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2017 | Hospital Negligence

Proper care after a surgery is crucial for healing. These patients have to be monitored for signs of infection. Their vital signs must be watched during this time. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which patients who are just coming out of surgery are being placed in non-surgical ICUs. This can lead to them getting less attention from doctors, which could result in significant health issues.

We know that nobody goes into surgery thinking that they are going to be forgotten about as soon as the incision is closed up. When this happens and the patient suffers, it might be possible to seek compensation for the damages.

Improper monitoring of surgical patients doesn’t always happen only in the immediate post-operative period. Patients must also receive proper follow-up care to ensure that any complications of the surgery are caught and addressed appropriately. Some patients might find this difficult because of how busy some doctors’ offices are. Even getting a post-operative appointment might be difficult.

Ultimately, doctors, including surgeons, have a duty to properly care for their patients. When this doesn’t occur, the patients are the ones who can end up with negative side effects. These patients might face extensive medical complications that require ongoing care. They may be in pain and have to stop working.

Seeking compensation for a medical malpractice issue is a way that you can hold the medical professional liable for their actions. It is also a way that you can try to minimize the financial impacts of the injuries if your claim is successful.


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