Surgical errors can have long-term consequences

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2017 | Surgical Errors

Surgical errors run the gamut from surgeons operating on the incorrect body part to them leaving surgical tools behind in a patient. As you can expect, the results of surgical errors can devastate patients. These patients often have to live with life-long pain and other issues because of the incident.

When a patient suffers due to a surgical error, they often require more extensive medical care than what they were originally braced for. This can mean extended hospital stays, more time off of work and higher expenses. Most people don’t have the financial backing to be able to handle these impacts. Instead, the incident might be the first event in a long string of devastating issues.

We understand that you might want to take action if you have suffered from a surgical error. You do have the option of seeking compensation for these incidents. This can include trying to recover money that you had to spend because of the issue. It might also include funds to cover wages that you didn’t get to earn. You should think carefully about the extent of the damages that you actually have to deal with because of the mistake.

These cases can be difficult to handle simply because of the tight lipped nature of the medical community. Many doctors are unwilling to stand up against colleagues, even when they know that the surgeon erred. We can help you to find ways to prove your case. You shouldn’t be left trying to handle the financial impacts of the case while battling the physical and mental damage that resulted from the surgical error.


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