New Mexico scrub techs are responsible for your safety in the OR

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Does the idea of being asleep for a surgical procedure frighten you? If so, you are definitely not alone in your fear. Many New Mexico residents would say they can relate to feeling stressed when preparing to receive anesthesia to undergo surgery. It’s true that there’s always risk involved. However, it’s also true that your medical team, including a scrub technician, is responsible for making sure you stay safe before, during and after surgery.

Scrub techs assist in the operating room in many ways. In fact, their work may begin before surgery, perhaps shaving you or sterilizing the instruments your surgeon will use. While scrub techs have received a college education, they are also human beings who are capable of error or negligence. That’s why it’s so important for you to know where to seek support if you suffer injury due to substandard OR care.

Scrub techs scrub things

An operating room must be as clean and sterile as possible to help you avoid nasty germs during surgery. A certified technician is likely going to help your surgical team “scrub in” and will also make sure things stay clean throughout your operation.

It’s critical that the OR and all instruments your surgeon uses are bacteria-free; otherwise, you might contract an infection. Part of the scrub tech’s job is to carefully observe the medical team’s actions to prevent them from contaminating the room or surgical instruments.

The right tools for the job

When you watch a movie or TV show that includes surgery, you likely have seen an actor or actress playing a scrub tech, perhaps handing surgical instruments to the “surgeon” as requested. A scrub technician must have in-depth knowledge of all surgical instruments, as well as what types of procedures require using which tool.

When assisting your surgeon, a scrub tech might place you at great risk for injury if he or she hands off a dirty instrument, touches something with unclean hands or disregards safety procedures that are meant to keep you safe.

 A lot of responsibility

A certified scrub technician constantly works to make sure operating environments are clean and sterile. After your surgery is complete, a scrub tech will reset the room for the next scheduled operation. In order to become certified, a person must show that he or she can work independently, pay close attention to detail and does not cut corners.

What happens if a scrub tech, surgeon, anesthetist or other medical team member fails in his or her fiduciary duty to keep you safe before, during or after surgery? Many New Mexico surgery patients who suffer injury because of negligence seek monetary judgements for damages against those who caused their injuries.


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