Birth injuries can be devastating

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It can put the parent at ease, knowing that they are getting top tier medical treatment when giving birth. Conversely, it can be absolutely devastating for the parents to realize that the medical team made a mistake that caused birth injuries.

These can occur when staff improperly operate such delivery instruments as forceps or vacuums. Other examples include a lack of oxygen from cutting the umbilical cord too soon or failing to perform a timely C-section. Medical personnel are supposed to protect the well-being of the mother and baby. In certain situations, they can be the difference between a healthy delivery or one that causes irreparable injury to the mother and child.

Doctors are trained to make the right decisions and use their equipment effectively, but things can go wrong. Improper use of the instruments can put infants at high risk for birth injury.

What are the signs?

It may not be immediately apparent that something went wrong during delivery, so parents should check for the following symptoms in the baby:

  • Depressions or indentations in the head
  • A swelled head
  • Asymmetrical facial movements or movements on one side of the body
  • Excessive drooling
  • Difficulty seeing or hearing
  • Seizures, spasms or shaking limbs
  • Troubling eating or swallowing

Long term consequences are common

Babies can live their entire lives with the physical and cognitive consequences of these medical errors. Injuries to the mother can impact her ability to have more healthy children or cause irreparable damage to her body.

In tragic cases like these, victims should seek all the medical care they need. However, it may also be necessary to file a medical malpractice suit against the medical team and their employer. Medical costs continue to skyrocket, and healthcare may not cover all expenses. Therefore, seeking damages medical malpractice attorney may be the only way to ensure that mother and child get the right medical care in a timely fashion.


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