The failure to diagnose multiple sclerosis

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A correct diagnosis of multiple sclerosis depends on an ideal analysis of a patient’s radiologic studies and clinical records. However, a failure to diagnose it is a common problem. What makes it difficult for doctors across New Mexico to diagnose MS is because the MRI testing outcomes and symptoms are similar to other health disorders such as migraines and stroke.

Can a doctor fail to diagnose MS?

According to a study in 2016, the research showed how difficult it was to identify MS among patients. This is because MS experts cannot use blood tests or biomarkers to identify the conditions that interrupt the communication between the body and brain. Besides that, some neurological condition symptoms tend to have similar traits to that of MS.

However, the report’s findings claimed that 72% of patients misdiagnosed with MS took the wrong medication that negatively affected them. Most MS treatment options feature serious side effects such as potential brain infection. And in most cases, other patients experience inconveniences because of daily injections, which can even result in discomfort.

To prevent such situations from happening, MS specialists need to adhere to diagnostic procedures strictly. These include relying on accurate test results, physical exam results, and interpretation of signs and symptoms.

Are there legal remedies?

A failure to diagnose multiple sclerosis accurately can result in various negative effects. However, there are hurdles that must be overcome in order to be successful in a medical malpractice lawsuit. One of these is having to prove that the harm that you suffered was caused by such failure. An experienced attorney can provide more insight on this subject.


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