What are some of the most common birth injuries?

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Childbirth may have been largely normalized in our society since major medical advances have made this event much safer for the mother and baby alike. However, that does not mean it is always stress-free, and tragically, in some cases, major birth injuries can occur. These traumas can have devastating long-term consequences and may require the family of the injured child to explore their legal options. Every state has different laws in cases like this, and New Mexico is no exception.

Types of common birth injuries?

When they do occur, birth injuries are often relatively minor. They include:

  • Fractures to bones
  • Bruising that occurs from using forceps
  • Facial paralysis that results from pressure
  • Cephalohematoma, a bleeding that occurs just above the baby’s skull bone

How do birth injuries occur?

Of course, each birth is unique, and the causes of these injuries vary. It is important, however, to arrive at an answer to this question in your particular scenario. It may determine potential legal options going forward.

Many birth injuries are just due to unfortunate circumstances that are related to totally random events such as the position of the baby or a genetic predisposition that came from either of the parents. Large babies often result in injuries to the mother or child. Sometimes, however, medical error is to blame.

If you believe that your child was injured during birth and that poor or negligent medical care was responsible for that injury, the best thing for you to do would be to contact an attorney. Doing so will allow you to explore your legal options and determine if you are entitled to fair compensation for the injuries your infant experienced.


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