What is Erb’s palsy?

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Every parent’s nightmare is that something harmful happens to their child. That scenario is magnified during childbirth, which can easily turn from routine to dangerous. Unfortunately, childbirth injuries are much more common than people realize, with thousands of such injuries occurring in New Mexico every year.

There are many possible birth injuries. One such example is Erb’s palsy. If your child has a birth injury that results in Erb’s palsy, you may have legal options.

What is Erb’s palsy?

Erb’s palsy occurs when the nerves near the neck of a child are stretched and damaged, which is something that can happen during childbirth. This results in many negative symptoms for the child, including weakness in the arms and loss of control of the affected arm.

How does Erb’s palsy occur?

There are times that Erb’s palsy can happen naturally, often when a child is larger than normal, resulting in a more difficult delivery. However, it is more common to occur as a result of stretching the child’s neck during delivery, combined with pressure on the child’s shoulder. It is more likely under certain situations, including gestational diabetes or breech birth. Unfortunately, it also may be a sign of a doctor’s error during delivery as it can occur when a child is inappropriately pulled from the mother or if the second stage of labor is allowed to occur for too long.

In these instances, medical malpractice may have occurred, and you might be entitled to financial compensation for the injuries you and your child have experienced due to a physician’s negligence. Thankfully, most baby’s afflicted with Erb’s palsy will recover in time.


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