How can a rural hospital affect birth injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2022 | Birth Injuries

Although it may not be the first aspect you think of while planning your baby’s birth, the distance away from a major city or other populated areas may affect some aspects of birth injuries.

Learning about the differences in these two areas and how they can impact you and your baby is important.

Variation of policies

According to the Mayo Clinic, areas with a smaller population may need different policies than ones with a larger amount of people. Attempting to make a one-size-fits-all list of rules for births can leave hospitals struggling to deal with new issues or uncommon complications.

You or your baby may sustain trauma because of confused or overwhelmed medical professionals who may make a mistake.

Lack of opinions

New long-distance techniques, like virtual video calls where you can talk with patients or other hospital staff, can also influence the safety of a birth. The more professional opinions a person can get for a serious issue, the more they can understand what their options are.

Hospitals that are geographically in the middle of a rural area may struggle to get the expert advice and guidance needed at all times. Having the technology needed to connect with other hospitals or get second opinions can help you as you give birth.

Low supply of necessary supplies

When dealing with a rural hospital, you may need more specialized equipment than what is available at the time. Blood transfusions and emergency surgeries require a stockpile of supplies that smaller hospitals may not have.

When mismanagement happens during delivery, you and your child could face lasting birth complications and trauma.


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