Understanding the unexpected costs of a wrongful death funeral

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Emergency room errors, delayed diagnoses and surgical errors often result in pain but, in the worst instances, outright lead to death. These acts of medical malpractice leave families scrambling to adjust to a new reality without their loved one. If you have lost someone to alleged medical malpractice, you may already face the mounting costs of health care bills — and the funeral you did not expect to plan.

Knowing what goes into the median cost of a funeral may help prepare you for how to pay for one and understand how much to ask for in your wrongful death claim.

Median costs by region

The National Funeral Directors Association reports that the typical cost of a funeral in the Mountain region of the United States ranges between $5,694 and $6,888. These costs vary depending on the services you opt for but mainly come down to whether you choose a cremation or a burial for your loved one.

Service options

Many funeral homes have ways of working with you to reduce costs, depending on your circumstances. New Mexico does not require embalming for bodies, but many funeral homes require it for the purposes of open casket services. Caskets, whether you rent one for a visitation or choose one for burial, range widely in price.

Note that these prices are estimates for adult services. The wrongful death of a child due to birth injuries may have different costs.

When it comes to navigating medical negligence and wrongful death cases, it helps to have all the information you can about yours. Once you know how much you might spend, you have better tools to pursue compensation.


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