Recognizing examples of negligence in New Mexico hospitals

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Hospital visits are often times of vulnerability and trust in the medical professionals providing your care. Yet, even in such settings, negligence can occur, potentially putting your health at further risk.

Being aware of possible examples of negligence can help you protect your health and rights.

Medical negligence

Medical negligence refers to a situation where a healthcare provider fails to offer the standard of care expected in their profession, resulting in harm to a patient. In New Mexico, as in all states, medical practitioners should uphold a specific standard of care. Failing to do so may qualify as negligence.

Here are some examples of potential hospital negligence

  • Incorrect diagnosis. If a medical professional makes an incorrect diagnosis that a reasonably competent professional would not have made under similar circumstances, it may be a case of negligence.
  • Improper treatment.If a hospital staff member administers a treatment incorrectly or prescribes a treatment that no competent professional would, it can potentially be negligence.
  • Medication errors. Errors involving medication can happen in various ways, such as administering the wrong medication, giving an incorrect dose or not properly monitoring a patient’s reaction to a medication.
  • Negligent patient supervision. If hospital staff fail to adequately supervise a patient, leading to harm, such as a fall from a bed or a preventable accident, this could be an example of negligence.

Knowing what to be on the look for can help you deal with these types of negligence.

How to respond to potential negligence

If you suspect you have been a victim of hospital negligence, it is crucial to document everything. Include all details of the incident, collect copies of your medical records and keep a record of all communications with hospital staff.

Seeking a second medical opinion can also be beneficial. A different healthcare provider can offer a fresh perspective and may be able to identify any discrepancies in your treatment or diagnosis.

If you believe you have experienced negligence, take steps to preserve your well-being and rights. Be your best advocate and remember, every patient deserves quality, competent care.


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