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The birth of a child brings a mix of emotions: joy, anticipation and sometimes anxiety. A significant source of this anxiety for many expecting parents is the possibility of birth injuries.

In New Mexico, several common questions arise about this topic. Learn the answers to those questions to gain clarity and reduce your concerns.

What common birth injuries occur in New Mexico?

In New Mexico, as in many states, brachial plexus injuries are common, affecting the nerves controlling the arm muscles. Shoulder dystocia, fractures, particularly of the collarbone and cephalohematoma, which is bleeding between the baby’s skull and periosteum, also frequently occur.

How do these injuries happen?

A variety of factors cause these injuries. The baby’s position during birth, especially during breech births where the baby comes out feet first, can lead to them. Difficulty during the birthing process, such as when the baby’s shoulders get stuck after delivering the head, can also cause injuries.

Do all birth injuries stem from medical negligence?

No, not all birth injuries result from medical negligence. Some are unavoidable and occur even with the best care. However, inadequate medical care during the birthing process can cause some injuries.

Can anyone prevent birth injuries?

While you cannot prevent all birth injuries, you can prevent many. Proper prenatal care, timely medical interventions when complications arise and trained healthcare providers all play a role in reducing the risk of birth injuries. Be sure to follow medical advice during pregnancy and have regular check-ups.

What should you do if you suspect a birth injury?

If you think your child might have a birth injury, seek immediate medical attention. Discuss your concerns with pediatricians and specialists to ensure your child gets the necessary care. Then, consider seeking counseling or joining support groups to help handle the emotional and physical challenges.

Put the health and well-being of your child first and seek support when needed. New Mexico offers many resources and specialists to help you address concerns or challenges.


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