AAN gives new guidance for managing sports concussions

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2015 | Brain Injuries

New guidelines and recommendations have been established to better handle sports concussions and protocol for return to play. The guidelines were issued by the American Academy of Neurology, and these new policies may help protect children New Mexico and across the country.

The protocol for managing sports concussions had not been updated since 1997 prior to this new system, and many of the new recommendations require a more conservative method of managing the timeframe and actions that control the ability to return to play. Some of the more noted recommendations state that medical personnel should recognize that there is no proof that medication assists in faster recovery following a concussion, and that a person who has sustained a concussion stands a greater risk to suffer an additional concussion.

The study and recommendations also suggest that younger adults who suffer a concussion require extra care and assessment before they should be allowed to return to play because they take longer to recover from associated symptoms. The study also showed some correlation to family history in cases where concussions are more severe and long lasting. For example, if a child has a family history of mood disorders, they are more likely to suffer from postconcussive syndrome.

Those who suffered additional damage because the correct guidelines were not followed might face additional costs. Without proper care, the severity of the symptoms could linger, resulting in lost time at work and increased medical bills. These individuals could benefit from legal advice to determine if they are entitled to repayment of lost wages, medical bills and any other compensation.


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